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Autumn Tablescape 2015

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Fall | Tablescape | A fresh and simple Fall table setting.

The Autumn air will soon be upon us, and now is the time to get our homes ready for the cool-air season. I like to start my fall decorating while the leaves are still on the trees; however, it won’t be long before they start to drop.  It is inspiring to look at our changing landscape, and Mother… Read more

Fostoria American Tablescape 2015

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Fostoria | American | Tablescape | Beautiful, in the most subtle of ways ...

As everyone knows, I love my Fostoria American glassware.  Now, after many years of research, I have finally launched my FostoriaAmerican2056.com website.  Even though it is in it’s infant stages (with still much left to do) I wanted to celebrate by presenting a Fostoria American Tablescape. I also mixed in some colorful pieces from the King’s Crown pattern, and the end… Read more

DIY Patriotic Wreath

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DIY Patriotic Wreath - perfect as a centerpiece for my Red, White and Blue tablescape.

Making a DIY Patriotic Wreath is so easy.  These type of decorations look wonderful hanging on a door or wall; however, they also look great as centerpieces for the table!  I literally made mine with scraps of garland, yarn, and flowers I had leftover from last year.  I had no plan of how to do… Read more

Fall Tablescapes – Pumpkin Centerpiece

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Fall Tablescapes - with Pumpkin Centerpiece

Fall Tablescapes – here is another version, inspired by a simple ceramic pumpkin.  It became the main focus of the round table, sitting on a vintage green glass cake stand.  The cake stand was supported by a vintage wooden Lazy Susan, which was then adorned with food and other elements of the Fall Season.  A variety of… Read more

Riding into Fall Tablescape

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Fall Decorating | Always start with a beautiful table setting, full of robust and vibrant color.

Our seasons will soon be changing; therefore, I thought I would share with you my most recent Fall Tablescape.  I will be hosting an Autumn Brunch for gents in the near future; therefore, nothing could be too fancy.  These are big and brawny men; hence, I made sure I left plenty of room between the place settings. The first… Read more

Dual Season Herbal Tablescape

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Dual Season Herbal Tablescape

With the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall soon approaching, I wanted to create a table setting reflective of those two combined seasons.  A few years ago my sister had given me a set of four hand-sewn placemats.  Their colors were “fall”ish, but their theme or focus was on fresh herbs – such as… Read more

St. Patrick’s Day Tablescape

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St. Patrick's Day Tablescape

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday that I feel is under-valued by most.  My hubby and I went shopping for some Irish decor over the weekend and were amazed over the lack of it.  Most stores (and we went to plenty) had few decorations … if any.  We both looked at each other and exclaimed… Read more