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OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter

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Kitchen Tools | OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter

With the short cherry season upon us, I thought it would be prudent to write about the OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter.  It is a neat little tool that will make your life in the kitchen so much easier, especially when it comes to pitting cherries or olives.  Put simply, this gadget really works … and is truly… Read More

Sloggers Gardening Shoes

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Sloggers Gardening Shoes | Comfort, style, and anything but boring!

Sloggers – perhaps one of the smartest and most stylish gardening shoes that is on the market today.  With a slip-on style and a variety of color and pattern choices to choose from, they give you non-stop traction and a feeling of anything but boring! Here in Tampa we are known for our thunderstorms, and when the weather turns… Read More

Cleaning Faucets with Shaving Cream

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Cleaning Faucets with Shaving Cream

Hard water spots on chrome fixtures are just plain ugly. Really, do you know anyone that enjoys seeing those white, grayish spots on an otherwise spotless faucet?  Even when the faucet is clean, if the water spots are there – it somehow still looks dirty. While I usually shine chrome fixtures with a Windex-type spray, I… Read More

Joie Devil Oven Pull

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Joie Devil Oven Pull

I am about to tell you a sad Tale; however, don’t despair.  This story has a very good ending.  It all started with a mishap in the kitchen, and as the days unfolded, I soon became friends with the Devil.  Well, not “that” Devil, but the Joie Devil Oven Pull.  Always wearing a big smile on… Read More

Pioneer Woman Kitchen Linens

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Pioneer Woman Kitchen Linens | Vintage Blooms Set | Love this colorful retro set of dish towels!

Every now and again I will do a review of a product that I have used, with great results. The Pioneer Woman’s Kitchen Linens – specifically the Vintage Bloom Kitchen Towel Set – is one such product.  I was actually shopping for something else when these vibrant and retro-towels caught my attention. It was their vintage… Read More

OXO Good Grips Bottle Cleaning Set Cleans Narrow Neck Salt and Pepper Shakers with Ease

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How to Clean Tips | How to Clean Narrow Neck Salt Shakers

We’ve all been there.  After many uses we find that our salt and pepper shakers are starting to look cloudy and dull-looking. They need a good cleaning.  No problem … until you realize that the shaker neck openings are extremely small.  “How in the world am I going to get anything in there?” you ask. While one… Read More

Thanksgiving Carry-Out Containers

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Thanksgiving Carry-Out Containers | Send your guests home with delicious food and a sweet sentiment. Love these containers!

Packing up delicious leftovers after Thanksgiving dinner is a common adventure for most of us.  I have to admit … the boxes and containers that I have used in the past have been a little boring – but that is about to change!  I recently found some fabulous carry-out containers on WorldMarket.com, and I wanted to share them with you.  From brown… Read More

Red Salt and Pepper Shakers

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These Retro Style Salt & Pepper Shakers are perfect for a casual Red, White and Blue tablescape!

It takes a lot to impress me with glass, especially since I seem to always compare it to Fostoria … for which there is no comparison.  I lower my expectations, obviously, because most glass is made by machines these days.  But I did find one set of Red Salt and Pepper Shakers that I like –… Read More

Stars and Stripes Spoons

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♥ Lovin' these Stars and Stripes Ice Cream Spoons

All of the products I have chosen this week are blending so well with each other!  Today I will be showcasing these adorable Stars and Stripes Spoons!  Personally, I think these are the perfect ice cream spoons for an outdoor BBQ, a family gathering … and, of course, all patriotic holidays. They arrived at my door (from Amazon)… Read More