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Holiday Season

Potluck Party Planner

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Organization Tips | Potluck Party Planner

This is the time of year when you want to save yourself as much stress as possible.  My Potluck Party Planner will do just that, allowing you to stay organized when hosting your next big celebration.  This handy guide will help you keep track of what items your guests are bringing, in addition to any… Read more

St. Nick’s Napkin

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St. Nick's Napkin - a very easy and fun DIY project!

I am a lover of vintage glass, and because of that … I am also a bit nostalgic.  While recently designing a tablescape with my Fostoria American crystal dishes, it just made sense to add a few pops of holiday color wherever possible.  I had recently seen a page in the December 2016 issue of the Taste of… Read more

DIY Poinsettia Wreath

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DIY Poinsettia Wreath

Some of the best holiday crafts come from scraps that are left over from previous projects.  That is exactly what happened with this beautiful DIY Poinsettia Wreath!  The green sparkly yarn was left over from an afghan I crocheted last year.  I did not have enough of the yarn to make another big project, so… Read more

Crock Pot Hot Chocolate

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Crock Pot Hot Chocolate – the only way I make it is in a slow cooker these days. This was not always the case, as I used to make it on the stove-top.  Without a doubt, the slow cooker version produces the most creamy and delicious hot chocolate I have ever tested – hands down.  I… Read more

How to Make a Peppermint Plate

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DIY | Peppermint Plate | They make great bases for delicious holiday confections!

The holidays are here, and now is the time when treasured moments and wonderful memories are made.  If you are wanting to make an impression that family and holiday guests won’t soon forget, then you should consider making this easy and edible Peppermint Plate!  It is a fun DIY project, simple to do, and requires few ingredients… Read more

Mason Drinking Jar Lights

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Mason Drinking Jar Lights | These are absolutely beautiful sitting on a stairwell, especially during the holidays!

This DIY project started as just a whim; however, it ended up being one of my most favorite Christmas crafts of all time.  Pledging not to spend one dime for any materials, I searched high and low throughout my house.  I looked in cabinets, closets, bags … and every nook and cranny. With no directions to guide me, I… Read more

Candy Christmas Trees

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Candy Christmas Trees Trio

This year I happily made quite a few candy Christmas trees for tablescapes and gifts.  They were incredibly easy to do, and no pattern was needed.  All I did was buy big bags of individually wrapped candy, in festive and holiday colors.  I made some trees with just one type of candy, and on others I… Read more

How to Make Dried Orange Slices

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How to Make Dried Orange Slices for Christmas Decorations

Every holiday season I make an abundance of dried orange slices for Christmas.  I use them for a multitude of purposes – from tree decorations to gift wrapping.  Learning how to make dried orange slices is a relatively easy process.  I usually dry mine in the oven; however, a food dehydrator would reap you the same wonderful results. They… Read more

Homemade Comfort & Joy

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Yellow Roses at Christmas

My niece and I recently spent the day together creating some homemade comfort & joy.  It was a glorious day.  The sun was shining brightly and the weather was perfect. Everything was off to a good beginning.  It soon became even better when my niece, LeShan, arrived at our home bearing an armful of the most beautiful yellow roses. She greets me… Read more

Holiday Ribbon Candy

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Ribbon Candy

Just the mere glance of ribbon candy brings back sweet memories from a long time ago.  Does anyone remember when this nostalgic type of candy graced our holiday homes generations ago?  I sure do.  It was in our home growing up, and also at the homes of family and friends. If anyone has bought ribbon… Read more