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How to Dry Herbs with a Wooden Hanger

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How to Dry Herbs with a Hanger | Great use of an old wooden hanger, and drying herbs has never been easier!

Does anyone remember the old wooden hangers of yesteryear?  They were well-built, and primarily made for hanging pants and skirts.  In today’s world, they make a great tool for drying herbs – with little fuss.  This method of drying is extremely easy!  It is not nearly as labor intensive as my old way – which usually required standing on a small ladder and neatly tying… Read more

Giant Leopard Plant

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Garden | Giant Leopard Plant | Tall and handsome plant, with daisy-like flowers.

Farfugium japonicum ‘Gigantea’  The Giant Leopard plant is tall and handsome, with round and shiny leaves. Within it grows individual 3 to 4 foot stalks, with daisy-like yellow flowers blooming at the end of the stems.  Being a perennial plant that needs shade, I placed it in a gorgeous red glazed pot – under our big oak tree.  It… Read more

Crinum Lily

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Garden | Flowers | Crinum Lily

Crinums … what are they?  They are beautiful and fragrant flowering bulbs that bloom from summer to late fall.  The color of their blooms vary – from white to pink, to burgundy and beyond.  The blooms don’t hang around for long, but when they do … it is a beautiful sight and a sensual experience. Living… Read more

Firebush Plant

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Firebush Plant

One of the items on my September To-Do List is to plant a few more perennials, specifically the Firebush. For most of us Floridians, now is a good time to plant the Firebush – Hamelia patens. It is a large perennial shrub (or small tree) that is native to the American subtropics and tropics.  If… Read more

Moss Rose – Portulaca spp.

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Flowers | Moss Rose

What do you get when you mix a Moss Rose with an old wheelbarrow?  A bloomin’ good time! All of our summer rain has turbo-charged this succulent plant into a container of pure happiness.  It’s called a Moss Rose, and they are very hardy. A succulent plant that can handle less than perfect soil.  As… Read more

Vegetable Gardening Calendar

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Vegetable Gardening Calendar - Sowing Onions

Spring is the perfect time to plan your garden plot.  By combining your efforts with that of a gardening calendar, one always knows when and what to sow based on your specific region.  Armed with this knowledge, I knew that it was now time to plant my sets of onions. If you are not sure… Read more

How to Kill Ants with Non-Toxic Ingredients

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Non-Toxic Ant Killer

No one wants to hurt any living creature; however, most of us don’t want to see a highway of ants marching through our home either.  Some species of ants have multiple queens and nests, so placing your poison around in a variety of places is key.  While buying pesticides online or at a home improvement… Read more

Pig Watering Can Brings a Smile to my Face

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I received this adorable pink pig watering can as a gardening gift last year from my niece, LeShan.  She seems to know what amuses me. When I first looked at it, I chuckled.  I will be the first one to admit that I did not take this ham belly too seriously.  I decided to put my… Read more

April Showers Bring May Flowers

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Garden | Flowers | Crinum Lily

The month of April has arrived, and with it, the hope of rain and gentle showers. Typically, the average rain fall in Tampa for the month of April is only a couple of inches, if that. Slow and steady is the best kind of precipitation one could ask for – and today, we are getting… Read more