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Candy Christmas Trees

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Candy Christmas Trees Trio

This year I happily made quite a few candy Christmas trees for tablescapes and gifts.  They were incredibly easy to do, and no pattern was needed.  All I did was buy big bags of individually wrapped candy, in festive and holiday colors.  I made some trees with just one type of candy, and on others I mixed and matched as my mood dictated.  A creative mind, some candy, a Christmas tree form and a low-temp glue gun are the only items you will need.

Candy Christmas Tree - with Hershey KissesThe prettiest one that I made was probably the Hershey Kiss tree.  Before adding the candy, I wrapped the tree in the same green foil that the candy was wrapped in.  This step eliminated bald areas on the tree.  Adorned with a red bow topper and a delicate garland of silver and white ribbon, the tree looks refined and finished.  When someone wants a piece of candy, they gently pull on the white tab and the candy slips right on out.  The foil stays on the tree – still looking presentable while being totally devoured!

The kisses were hot-glued to the tree with a low-temperature glue gun.  I tried using tooth picks originally, but this proved to be difficult.  The toothpicks would sometimes push the foil inside of the candy (definitely not a desired outcome.)  It was extremely hard to push a toothpick into the candy without pre-drilling.  After a little trial and error, I liked the process of using the glue gun better.  It was much easier to do, and the candies held extremely well on the foam tree.  There were also no hard and pointy toothpicks for little ones to bite into or get hurt upon.

Candy Christmas Tree made with Snickers and a Candy SleighI also made a Snickers tree, and this tree was the easiest to make of all.  Their candies (and red foil wraps) were such a size and shape that they left no gaps on the tree.  I did not need to foil-wrap the foam base at all.  I simply glued all the pieces and added a topper!  Depending on what topper you choose, you could either glue or push it into the top of the tree.

From candy sleighs to candy christmas trees, this holiday season has proven to be a very “sweet” experience.  Some gifts I made with my niece, LeShan, ensuring the time spent was even more enjoyable.  Doing these type of crafts with family and friends is a wonderful way to share the merriment during this joyous time of year.

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