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Candy Cane Place Card Holder

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Every year I try to make at least one Christmas craft during the holiday season, and this year it was the Candy Cane Place Card Holders!  They were extremely easy to do, and the entire project is done in a matter of minutes.  You can design and make them in a variety of colors, adorning them with left-over supplies from your crafts closet.  I used felt snowmen shapes and an assortment of snowflakes for some holders, while others were just as cute when left unadorned.

You can attach the candy canes in a variety of ways – by using a low-temp glue gun, glue dots, rubber bands, twist ties, or ribbon.  My preferred method was using a low-temp glue gun, for the end result proved to be a bit sturdier.  The glue was not really noticeable since the place card sits in front of the area that is glued.

Candy Cane Place Card Holder - Similar SizesThis craft project is so easy, and incredibly fast to complete.  Grab three candy canes.  Make sure that at least two of the three you use are roughly the same size.  I usually take them out of the box and line them up to see their length and shape, pairing them up as needed.  The third candy cane that you use does not need to be the same size or shape at the bottom, as it is broken half-way down and used for the back support.

My preference is to leave the wrappers intact on my candy canes, so that they can remain edible.  Depending on the usage, some of my holiday guests like to take them home with them.  With the wrapper left on, they are completely edible for a sweet holiday treat.  When I do use candy canes that are not wrapped, those sit on a plate or other surface that they won’t stick to.  Depending on where you live, the humidity, and where you place them … they can become very sticky, very fast.  For that reason, the unwrapped versions only reside on surfaces that don’t stick or can’t get damaged.  Obviously, for sanitary reasons, the unwrapped candy cane versions should not be eaten.

Candy Cane Place Card Holder - Breaking PointI usually break the third candy cane about half-way down, using the bottom hook piece for the back support.  I also save the top piece that was broken, for it is used later in other craft projects or candy recipes.  You could use three complete candy canes to make your place card holder.  My preference is to use two, and a third broken one. When using three canes, the top can appear bulky.  With two, the finished project looks more like a real easel.

Take your preferred method of affixing the candy canes (whether a low-temp hot glue gun or otherwise) and glue the two tall candy canes together first.  Next, attach the broken candy cane as the support piece.  It is best to hold the candy canes upright when affixing to one another.  By doing so, you can be sure you will have them level, and at a slight backward angle, so that your place card will sit correctly.  If not, your candy cane feet might not sit level on a surface – or if the canes are not angled correctly, the place card (or other item you are displaying) will fall forward in the holder.

Candy Cane Place Card Holder - Different Colors and FlavorsYour end result should look something like this.  It should sit level on any surface.  You have the option of cutting off the top of the cellophane wrappers; however, I like to leave them on for sanitary reasons.  There are times; however, that some wrappers on candy canes will have a much longer end versus others in the same box.  In those cases, if it is noticeably longer, I will usually give them a needed trim.

During the process of making my Candy Cane Place Card Holders, I experimented with different colors and flavors of candy canes.  It was fun pairing up the color and flavors of the candy canes with the personalities of my family and holiday guests.  It’s always a big hit!

As I was assembling my little easels, I soon realized that they could be used for a multitude of purposes.  They are darling as place card holders; however, they are also wonderful for displaying your favorite Christmas cards, ornaments, and/or cherished photos.  I enjoyed attaching big holiday name tags with photos.  With a photo, no printed place card holder is needed.  Another way to use these candy cane easels is as a holiday card display holder.  Every season we seem to get a few cards that we are very fond of, and this is an excellent way to display them on your mantle or tabletop.

Candy Cane Place Card Holder - Gift Tag with PhotoIn this photo you can easily see how sweet these little Candy Cane Place Card Holders can be.  This is one example where I used very small candy canes, that were not wrapped.  Since the unwrapped candy canes can become very sticky, I was sure to place it on a plate.  With a holiday gift tag, I inserted a photo between the two layers of paper.  No written place card is necessary, and the end result is absolutely darling.  These Candy Cane Place Card Holders will bring much joy and happiness to your table, and your guests will feel a bit more special in the process.  After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

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