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Bubble Wrap Purse Shaper

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New Uses | Bubble Wrap Purse Shaper

I must tell you, it is a wonderful thing when you can find new uses for everyday items!  As most of you know, I collect vintage glass.  In doing so, I have accumulated a ton of bubble wrap and packing supplies.  Most of it gets stored away until I have to ship something; however, I recently learned of a new way to use bubble wrap.  While we all know that it protects and cushions breakables in transit, did you know that bubble wrap is the perfect purse shaper?

I am beyond excited that I have found another use for this shipping material.  If your closet is anything like mine, you might have a few empty purses or handbags that have fallen over.  With no contents to support them, they are prone to sagging – and will often crease in the middle.  This is often the case for large purses, and those made of leather or another soft product.  Keeping them in this doubled-over position will eventually stress and/or damage them permanently.

Bubble Wrap Purse ShaperWith bubble wrap, all you have to do is stuff it wherever you need the added support.  Depending on the size of your purse, you might only need a sheet or two.  For my large purses, I like rolling up the sheets and standing them vertically – for extra support.  However, you can also use them horizontally, stacking one on top of the other.  Both methods work great.

Bubble wrap is the perfect purse shaper!  It is lightweight, and you can custom fit each bag as you see fit.  While they do sell purse shapers online, using bubble wrap is an inexpensive and easy alternative.  Try it today; your handbags will thank you!

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