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Bo’s Ice Cream – Tampa Florida

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Bo's Ice Cream in Tampa FL

If you are not aware, July is National Ice Cream Month.  Since 1984, when President Reagan proclaimed that National Ice Cream Month be celebrated annually, each year the 3rd Sunday of July is the National Ice Cream Day.

Since the temperatures are up (not to mention my sweet tooth cravings) … my hubby and I decided to go to Bo’s Ice Cream Parlor.  Bo’s Ice Cream has been a tradition in Tampa since around 1954. The little walk-up ice cream stand has been a family favorite on Florida Avenue for generations.

If you want to go to a quaint and charming little place to celebrate a hot day with a cold treat, this would be a fine choice.  Hector says it looks the very same (even the sign) as when he remembers it as a child.  It’s amazing, because he and other firefighter personnel still go there to get their tasty cold morsels on a hot summer’s day.

You can walk up and place your order, or go through the drive-through.  The prices are reasonable, and the ice cream was very creamy.

Come on; get out and explore Tampa Bay!  Bo’s Ice Cream is located in the northeast corner of Florida Ave. (a few blocks north of Sligh Avenue) in the Seminole Heights area.  The address is 7101 N. Florida Ave.  Their phone number is (813) 234-3870.

Tampa residents go to Bo’s for the excellent ice cream and friendly staff, but I dare say … many go just for the memories.  You leave with such a good feeling – both in your heart, and in your tummy.

(We have not tried it out ourselves, but we heard they have a fantastic sundae for man’s best friend as well.)  Just another reason to bring Fido for a ride 🙂

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