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Blind Cleaning – with the Flick of a Finger!

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This is my Blind-Cleaning Strategy … it works, even though it is a bit unorthodox.  Sometimes the craziest things do the job nicely, and that is really all that matters when cleaning the house.  The only tools you will need are:

  • Your Index Finger
  • A Used Dryer Sheet

How is that for a simple and economical list?  Be sure to allow ample time to accomplish the task “at hand”.  I usually choose to do this when I need to clear my head.  It requires no brain-work, just some nimble dexterity in your fingers.  And I do know people have dexterity in their fingers; I see it in traffic everyday!!

All you do is recycle your old dryer sheets.  Take one, and stick your index finger in it so that it resembles a nice pointed tool.

The great thing about cleaning with your finger is that you can easily get into each blind slat, even the tough places around the holes and strings.  You can control the pressure of cleaning, and just wipe back and forth on the blind. 

The picture is hard to see; however, the top slat shows all the dust on my blinds in my laundry room.  After cleaning it with my old dryer sheet, it is clean and smooth.  You can put the old glove test to it and no dust will show!

Recycling old dryer sheets and using the energy you were born with … it’s an excellent example of “green” housekeeping.  Plus, there are no cleaning supplies to buy – saving you even more money.

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