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Baseball Cap Storage and Organization

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Baseball Cap Storage

I’ve recently been organizing and cleaning out our master bedroom closet, and am so happy about some of the ideas that I implemented.  One of my favorites was finding a way to store and organize my hubby’s baseball hats.  It was so easy, and my husband even thought the concept was pretty “cool”.  It did not take a lot of space to implement – and what space it did take up – was off the floor and on a wall that was not being utilized.

Baseball Cap Storage Rod I used an old wooden rod that was being stored away and turned it into my main support beam.  I have seen people use curtain rods and/or tension rods to get the same result.  My rod was not being used, so it seemed a plausible solution.  Since it is made out of wood, it will not bend in the middle if the hat collection should grow enormously.

Baseball Cap Storage - Shower Rings

I also had a huge box of old shower curtain rings in storage, so I dragged them out and chose a “C” type ring.  These proved to be perfect because they slipped right over the rod and made for easy insertion of the baseball caps.  If you put the opened-up part of the ring facing forward, you can easily add more than one baseball cap to each ring.  Since the plastic ring is smooth, the caps don’t snag and move effortlessly.

Baseball Cap Storage - using Drapery Clips

Some of the baseball caps that we had did not have an opening in the back  for hanging. For those, I used some old drapery clips which held the baseball caps perfectly.  I then just slipped the drapery clip ring over the opening in the shower curtain ring.  The drapery clips would work for whatever type of rod support you are using (tension rods or curtain rods.)  The nice thing about slipping the drapery clip on to the shower curtain ring (and not to the rod directly) was that it left enough space on the above “C” hanger to store several more caps, if needed.

This type of system worked very efficiently for our needs.  I also liked the fact that I did not have dozens of little hooks and hangers affixed to the wall, be it temporary or permanent.  This was a solid installation in which the baseball caps can be taken off – or put on – with great ease and little effort.  I have learned, after many years, that the latter is so very important if you want to keep a tidy and organized closet 🙂

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