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Autumn Tablescape 2015

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Fall | Tablescape | A fresh and simple Fall table setting.

The Autumn air will soon be upon us, and now is the time to get our homes ready for the cool-air season. I like to start my fall decorating while the leaves are still on the trees; however, it won’t be long before they start to drop.  It is inspiring to look at our changing landscape, and Mother Nature is constantly giving me ideas on how to decorate for the season.

After taking a walk out the back door, I immediately found outdoor elements that I wanted to incorporate into my indoor dining room tablescape.  As I took a glance at some of our bird houses residing on our property, I realized that I wanted to bring some fine-feathered friends inside for my 2015 Autumn Tablescape.  I had some ceramic birds scattered among the house, so I took inventory and gathered them all up.  Some of them had the perfect colors for the Autumn season, so I carefully tucked them into some terra-cotta coffee cups.  A larger bird, perched on a massive acorn, was another perfect touch – all sitting underneath an overflowing centerpiece.  I scattered a few more acorns, pine cones and coffee mugs around the centerpiece.  All of the outdoor elements were in harmony; alas, the only thing missing was the sounds of birds singing.

Autumn Tablescape | Setting a fall table with natural elements - acorns, birds, leaves ... and vintage placemats.

I used a gold tablecloth, with gold-toned tumblers and plates.  The vintage placements were a treasure that I had purchased at an estate sale and were the inspiration for the colors of the table setting.  They had the most beautiful hues – from a soft brown, an olive green to a robust golden color.  I placed them vertically, instead of horizonatally, so that each guest could more easily see the beautiful design of each.

Autumn Tablescape | Setting the table with leaf plates helps to set the Autumn tone.

Leaf plates that were purchased at Pottery Barn years ago were used on the side, as salad plates.  Their color and design were perfect for this autumn table setting.  Though I think these might now be discontinued via Pottery Barn, I was able to find a few available plates here.  I doubled up on my napkins.  I first tried using two napkins with this Dual Season Herbal Tablescape a while back, and it was such a hit with the guests that I now repeat the process depending of the type of meal I am preparing.  I like how the contrasting colors look, and when serving a big meal – it’s nice to have two napkins.

Autumn Tablescape - Setting the table with vintage plates and textiles resulted in an explosion of fall colors.

The vintage plates from Harmony House and Homer Laughlin coordinated nicely with the vintage placemats and textiles.

Autumn Tablescape | adding the beautiful hue of green to a fall table setting with Fostoria Argus goblets.

Colored stemware was used to help coordinate with all the hues of the centerpiece, room, and table.  The green goblets were made by the Fostoria Glass Company for the Henry Ford Museum. They are marked with “HFM”. The pattern is called “Argus”, which is very substantial.  When people first pick them up, they are surprised by their weight.  They came in different colors, but I am particularly fond of the green hue.

Autumn Tablescape - lighting is so very important in a room. Decorating for the fall season should include the beautiful colors of amber, orange, gold and green!

The table really came alive once I lit the candles and turned on the lights.  The vintage amber lamp that you see pictured above on the left was a wonderful find at a local Goodwill store.  My husband took it all apart and put it back together again.  With a thorough cleaning, it came out looking so beautiful.  Both of the lights work within it – the one on top, and also the soft glow light in the bottom portion.  It is one of my most beloved treasures, and it looks stunning during the autumn and fall seasons.  I also used a variety of candle lights on the table.  The amber mercury glass votives were purchased at Kirklands.  A wider variety and selection can be seen here.  The orange candle in the background was bought previously at a local warehouse.  It was also used in the pumpkin tablescape that I did last year.

Autumn Tablescape | Adding "birds in a cup" created a warm and rustic feeling to our fall table setting.

Autumn Tablescape | Robust colors, mixed in with natural green elements, creates a beautiful fall setting.The rich and robust color of the Autumn Season is so beautiful.  Ferns, dried wreaths, leaf plates, acorns, birds, warm coffee mugs, candles … and all the other elements and colors really make for a beautiful place setting.  I also have three Boston Ferns hanging as a backdrop to the dining room table, and they assist in calming down some of the rich and robust colors. Bringing natural elements in, and allowing the beauty and grain of your wood furniture to present itself is also appealing at this time of the year.  To make it even more warm and inviting for our guests, I threw a handmade orange afghan over one of the dining room chairs.  It adds a soft touch, with just a pop of burnt orange color!

Autumn Tablescape | Getting your Table Ready for Fall. I just love these warm and vibrant colors ♥I hope some of my ideas will help you transform your table into a beautiful Fall tablescape. Yes … now that the summer heat is starting to fade – I’m looking forward to some cooler and crisper nights.  May you enjoy this beautiful season, my friends!

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