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April Showers Bring May Flowers

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The month of April has arrived, and with it, the hope of rain and gentle showers. Typically, the average rain fall in Tampa for the month of April is only a couple of inches, if that. Slow and steady is the best kind of precipitation one could ask for – and today, we are getting just that.  The rain is coming down just right – not too fast or too slow.  It is perfect and magical.

There is so much activity and beauty, even in a sunless day. I took a brisk walk in the rain this morning, and it was very refreshing to breathe – and experience. The birds were singing the most harmonious songs; one could tell their chirps were bursting with happiness. All my trees, shrubs and plants were sipping on their water with glee. No pools of water at their feet; they were relishing in their refreshment – much like grand southern ladies sipping tea at a social luncheon.

shrubs & marigolds


different stages of a bloom

So, yes – it is raining.  The sun is hiding out today.  The wind is messing up our hairstyles and we got our feet wet.  Doom and gloom?  I don’t think so.

I hear ducks quacking, birds singing, and the soft drops of rainfall as they hit my porch.  I smell clean and refreshing air.  I see beautiful color and vivid images as flowers evolve from seed, to bud, to magnificent blooms.   Mother Nature has blessed all my senses in one short stroll through the yard.  I find no doom and gloom in that, only beauty and awe.

Rain, Rain, Wonderful Rain …

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