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April Birth Flower – Sweet Pea

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April Birth Flower - Sweet Pea

Did you know that the beautiful and fragrant Sweet Pea is known to be one of April’s birth flowers?  It is a popular spring flower, commonly available from March to November – with limited availability during the winter months.  Sweet Pea (Lathyros odoratus) is celebrated on a variety of holidays throughout the year, including weddings. It was, and still is, very popular in Victorian gardens – beloved for their color diversity and fragrance.

The cultivars of Maggie May, Old Spice, and Painted Lady are good choices for those wanting intense fragrance.  In the morning hours – when the temperature is cooler – you will find Sweet Peas to be at their most heavenly scent.  This is the best time to cut and gather them from your garden, immediately immersing them in a bucket of cool water.  They will need to stay well-hydrated, and this is especially true after their initial cut from the plant.

The vase you choose for your Sweet Pea arrangement is important, because Sweet Peas don’t have stiff, upright stems.  When using a wide-mouthed vase, like this vintage Sweetpea Vase from the Fostoria American pattern, it is best to place the cascading stems over the sides – near the front for better visibility.  Fill in the center area with shorter stems for fullness.  Another option would be to use a tall vase – with a narrow neck that can support the trailing stems.

To help ensure that your cut flowers will last as long as possible, you might want to consider adding preservatives (cut-flower food) to your vase water.  The main advantage for doing so is that preservatives help prevent bacteria from growing.  Since the flowers are no longer growing, sugar and/or other sweeteners – which tend to promote the growth of bacteria – should be avoided.  Occasional light misting will also help keep your Sweet Peas looking their best.

Sweet Peas are a delicate and blissful flower, and are so appropriate for springtime birthday celebrations!  To learn more about these soft-colored blooms, you might find The Sweet Pea Book  to be a helpful and informative resource.  May your days be filled with sunshine, smiles, and the softness of flowers. ♥

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