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Apple Favorites

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Apple Favorites

September is the time of year when we are blessed with a bounty of orchard-fresh apples!  From tart to sweet, there is certainly no shortage of varieties available to us. While we usually have no problem buying apples all year round, there are a few types (e.g. the Jonamac and Honeycrisp) that are only available during peak season. Here in Florida, these type of apples make an appearance for a short period of time.  Because of that reason, I try to enjoy them in the here and now.

If you are wanting to experiment this season with some new and delicious apple recipes, let me suggest this excellent book –  The Apple Lover’s Cookbook.  An excellent resource, it won the IACP Best Cookbook award in 2012.  While I am only writing about a few apple varieties in this post, The Apple Lover’s Cookbook offers a full-color guide to fifty-nine different types of apples.  Prepare to be inspired!

If you are going to slice, dice, peel and core apples … then you certainly need the right tools at your disposal to ensure the best possible results.  While most of us already have knifes and cutting boards, I would dare say that there are some of us that don’t have a quality cast steel Apple Peeler/Corer.  One of the main complaints I hear from people regarding cooking and baking with apples is that it “takes so long” to prepare them.  That won’t be the case if you invest in a great Apple Peeler that has a superior design made out of quality steel, and is extremely easy to use – with very little mess.

I have listed below a variety of apples that I am fond of using – either for cooking, baking, or eating out of hand.

  • Fuji – A popular sweet apple. Fuji apples also have a very long shelf life compared to other apples.
  • Granny Smith – Wonderful apple for savory dishes. The fruit has hard, light green skin and a crisp, juicy flesh.
  • Honeycrisp – These are great for snacking or baking. Crisp and honey-sweet, they make for a juicy bite.
  • Golden Delicious – Perfect apples for baking. An old-fashioned favorite, with a mellow and sweet flavor.
  • Envy – Whether sliced on top of a salad or eaten “au naturel”, this apple is crispy – with a sweet taste.
  • Jonamac – A cross between Jonathan and McIntosh apples. A great eating apple, with a slight honey taste.
  • Gala – Crisp, aromatic, and sweet.  These are a favorite for eating straight out of hand.
Apple Favorites

Now that you know what type of apples to use, why not enjoy their bounty today?  I make the following two recipes each and every Fall.  It is a family tradition that won’t soon be broken.  May you enjoy your Harvest Splendor and all the goodness that goes with it!

Dutch Apple Pumpkin Crisp
Apple Pie recipe

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