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Apple Cider Cups

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Apple Cider Cup

The autumn season seems to softly remind me of the beauty and sweet flavor of apples.  While we can certainly enjoy this nutritious fruit throughout the year, it is during the fall months that they seem to shine and become relevant.  We recently made these Apple Cider Cups, and before I could even finish hollowing out their centers … they were tempting me with their aroma.  After I could resist no more, I was finally able to taste just how truly delicious these little cups were!

After you slice off the top portion of your apple, you will want to immediately turn them upside down and dip into lemon juice.  (If you don’t have any lemon juice on hand, you could make up a mixture of ½  tsp salt and 1 cup of water.)  This will help to prevent browning, but even so, you will want to prepare these just before you serve them.  Prolonged exposure to air will eventually make apples turn; however, they are still safe to eat – and their flavor is no different.

Once you have dipped your apples in lemon juice, hollow out the center of each apple.  Fill with apple cider, add a star anise for flourish, and a cinnamon stick for extra flavor.  Some people actually like to use the cinnamon stick as a straw!  It also makes for a nice stirrer, and adds a cozy finishing touch to the Apple Cider Cups.  They are a lot of fun to do, taste delicious, and are a fun way to celebrate fall and all its bounty!

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