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What Anole Moved in Next Door?

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Tampa Real Estate - Hunkered Down HomeownerAs I took a walk through my yard the other day, I was surprised to see a critter hunkered down and looking at every move I made.  Upon closer review I realized I was in his backyard as well as my own, and that I should tread softly.  This homeowner was hunkered down and not going anywhere!

His house was unique, and I could understand why he had made it his home.  I knew the Builder, and so I can testify to the quality of the construction.   This particular abode has many features, and here are just a few:

  • Wood Frame Construction
  • Quaint One-Story Cottage
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Authentic Early American Style
  • A Lovely Terrace Under Stately Trees
  • Just a Hop, Skip and a Jump away from Local Bug Shops

A home inspection had revealed only minimum damage – the front door had some cuts and bruises from the frenzied beaks of previous owners.  One can only image the parties, frolicking and nesting that this house has seen.  Indeed, if only the walls could talk!  The sun was beating down on his front door and it was easy to understand why he was basking in the warmth of our Florida sun.

My Tampa HomeThe joys of home ownership; one never knows who will move in next door!  Our brown lizard friend (anole) makes the proverb “What’s the good of a home if you are never in it?” so very true.

Keep the home fires burning my friends …

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