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Adorable Pinecone Elves

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Christmas Crafts | Adorable Pinecone Elves

It was a few years ago that I saw this wonderful craft project featured in a magazine.  The article was titled “Felt Friends”, and it showcased a trio of the most adorable pinecone elves I had ever seen!  One look at the photo and I was hooked.  I love working with felt, and try to make one new craft every holiday season.  This is a fun project for kids and adults of all ages.  Customize them to fit your own decor, for they will surely brighten up your holidays!

The materials that you will need are:

Since I am not the original creator of this wonderful felt project, you will find a cute video on how to make them at Lia Griffith’s website.  Lia Griffith is the designer of this pattern, and she has many more wonderful craft projects listed on her website at www.liagriffith.com.  I made my elves based on her pattern; however, I embellished a bit on the character’s facial expressions.

Adorable Pinecone Elves

My goal with this project was to create each little elf with their own personality!  I would imagine personalities in my own family, and then design each elf based on that person’s persona.  Some of the pinecones were very small in size, so I used those to make cute elf children.  Bigger pinecones developed my teenager elves.  From there we graduated to the biggest and most mature pinecone elves.  We also drew different facial expressions on them, which helped to keep each one unique.  I loved them so much that I ended up making an entire village of them!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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