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How to Easily Add or Remove Keys from a Key Ring

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♥ How to Easily Add or Remove Keys from a Key Ring - without breaking a fingernail ♥

… WITHOUT breaking a fingernail.

There you have it, a brand new key sitting on your counter … and you need to add it to your Key Ring.  And possibly, you just might need to remove an old key as well.  Have you found that your past experiences were painful … or ended up producing a broken or chipped nail?  Not to worry; there is a smart solution.

The safest way I have found on how to easily add or remove keys from a key ring is to use a staple remover.  When you wedge the staple remover’s teeth between the coils of the key ring, it easily separates them – allowing you to slide on (or remove) the key.  It is amazingly simple, and quite painless.

There are times; however, when you might need to retrieve a key fairly fast … and you are not at home, nor have access to a staple remover.   In those situations – such as valet parking, or giving your key to an auto mechanic – there is another option you might want to consider.  The product is called FreeKey System by Exotac, and it has a fantastic design of getting your keys off in record time – without fuss or muss.

The Staple Remover is an item in your household that can serve multiple purposes.  We just have to think outside the box every now and again to rediscover new uses for standard items 🙂

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