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Easter Candy Favorites

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Easter Candy Favorites

The thought of spring conjures up happy images like warmer weather, green grasses, egg hunts ... and Easter candy favorites. From bunnies, marshmallow treats and a variety of other flavors, we have been fascinated with these sweet treats for decades.  No spring-themed festivity would be complete without them, and put simply - they are just… Read More

Tips for Planning an Easter Egg Hunt

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Tips for Planning an Easter Egg Hunt

One of my most treasured memories of Easter is with my sister, Joan, and her son, Johnson.  Many years ago we had an old-fashioned Egg Hunt, and it was just as exciting for the grown-ups as it was for little, sweet Johnson.  Family fun like this never goes out of style, and the memories will stay… Read More


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Flowers | Tulips

Tulips. Unfortunately for us in Tampa, our Florida's winters are usually too warm to give them the resting period they need. Luckily, I can still enjoy enjoy them by buying a potted plant at our local food market or florist. Now I am just waiting for the beauty to unfold! In our southern climate, we… Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Tablescape 2017

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Tablescapes | St. Patrick's Day | The richness of gold and green abound!

It's that time of year again when green is in the air - and on the tables!  My St. Patrick's Day Tablescape for 2017 was so much fun to prepare!  In the beginning, I had no plan. However, an old and dirty glass basket I happened to stumble upon while treasure hunting changed everything. Once cleaned, it… Read More

African Iris

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Gardening | Florida-Friendly Plants | African Iris

The African Iris is a plant that I consider to be very low maintenance.  It produces a beautiful white flower, usually in the Spring. Here in Florida, I usually see them start to bloom around the month of February.  It also is a plant that tolerates the hot conditions of Florida.  If we are experiencing a long and… Read More