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Florida Sweet Corn

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Florida sweet corn

Someone asked me the other day about cooking corn – specifically, if they could grill it, and how.  They got their answer, and an earful of other corny facts!  Florida is one of the largest producers of sweet corn, with an abundance of sweet varieties.

Here’s what you need to know about Florida sweet corn – it will still taste fresh up to a week after picking.  The kernels should look plump and tight.  The green husks should be moist, and the silk should look glossy and have a greenish hue.   If the silk has the color of straw – then pass!  The corn is not fresh.

You can boil, microwave and grill corn on the cob.  The answer to my friend that inquired about grilling was this – “don’t take off the husks.  Peel them back and tie them together with kitchen string.  This will make for a great handle.  Pour some cold salted water in a pot and soak the corn for about 10 – 12 minutes.  Drain.  Corn will cook up nicely on a grill (med-high heat) in about 15 minutes if you keep the lid down.  Don’t forget to turn them every now and then so that the kernels cook uniformly throughout.”

And, if you are like me and use fresh corn in casseroles and other dishes, remember this … one ear of corn is equivalent to about 1/2 – 3/4 cup of kernels.   Also,  don’t salt the water too much – because excess salt can make the corn tough.

The ending to this corny saga and delicious side dish would be to serve them with butter, salt and/or other seasonings.  When the fall season rolls around, this savory vegetable will not only taste good on the table – it will even help you out with your Fall Decorating!  There are not too many vegetables out there that can make that claim.

What’s not to love about corn?

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