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Doggone Good Weather

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Tampa Florida - Me and MumAfter living in Tampa for almost thirty years, I have become accustomed to our weather.  I know when to expect the heat, when to prepare for colder days – and, yes – even prepare for the Hurricane Season.  But it is these “perfect” days that we are now experiencing that give me indescribable pleasure.  Come with me and experience the journey that I did yesterday afternoon … it was heaven on earth.

A dog's life in Tampa FloridaThis is Roscoe, our beloved thirteen-year old dog.  His vision left him when he was only four years old; he has endured much.   But don’t tell him that; he doesn’t have a care in the world.  He and Autumn are the best of friends.

A dog day afternoon in TampaRoscoe and a bone – these are two things that you don’t usually want to get between.  But on this Sunday afternoon, even his old weathered friend could not tempt him away from what Mother Nature was dishing out.  No contest; she reigns supreme …

Me and RoscoeIt almost brought me to tears to see him so peaceful.  No panting because of the heat; no bumping into things that he can not see – just peace.  With all that he has endured, he has a profound way of making me feel humble.   It was a beautiful moment on a beautiful day.

Holly bushes in TampaOn the other side of my yard my holly bushes were screaming for my attention.  They were ablaze with ruby red berries!  Birds of all varieties were eagerly finding their way to the smallest of branches to get a taste of these delicacies.  The berries provide food for the birds, robust color for my yard … and free decorations for both my Harvest and Christmas celebrations!

Geraniums a bloom in sunny TampaA few steps to the west, and I notice that my pots of geraniums are flush with invigorating color.  People usually only think of them as a summer plant, but that is so not true, especially here in Tampa.  After sticking together during the hottest months of the year, we are co-existing ever so nicely on these cooler Autumn days!

Sour Orange Tree in TampaThis sour-orange tree was flowing with bright sunny color, just the opposite of my holly bushes. Florida is known for some good Cuban cooking, and this tree is necessary to accomplish that.  If you want to get your “Mojo” on, then this is the orange for you.  Excellent for marinating pork, and even a few other dishes – like lemonade and pie.

Roscoe and a Scoot-n-DoThe pumpkins, squashes, harvest, and autumn decorations are a given during this time of year … but it is these delicious “side dish” moments that make me thankful for every breath I take.
It was a Dog-Day afternoon for all …

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