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The Multitudinous Colander

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If your house is like mine, you have an abundance of household items.  Some take up a lot of room, others not so much.  And, it would appear that there are a few items that rarely get used – if at all.

We all seem to have a colander, right?  I have several.  Some were given to me, and others I bought.  We need different ones for different tasks in the kitchen; however, there are many more ways to use a colander!

Do you have children?  Are they at the age that they use bath toys?  After a fun and enjoyable bath, round up all those wet and rubbery play things and throw them in a colander!  You can easily pick them up in one quick grab, they drain through the holes of the colander, and they don’t attract mold.

Shoo flies!!  We all know what disgusting flies do for our appetite, and the food they seem to be attracted to.  Invert your colander and use it as a bug tent at your next picnic or cookout!
Colanders make wonderful helmets!  Before you know it, Halloween will be here.  Some colanders are perfect for making a Martian’s helmet … or any other alien species.  Does your colander have handles on each side?  Put a ribbon through them and tie that baby on 🙂  Let your imagination go wild; the possibilities are endless.

  Since colanders have those nice “ventilation” holes all around it, they are also perfect for storing potpourri.  They not only look beautiful, but the scent escapes easily through all the colander “pores”.   The same thing is true for storing bath soaps, or anything that has a wonderful fragrance.  How wonderful!

If you have an old colander that has seen its better days … you could use it as a gardening pot.  Some plants don’t do well in soggy dirt, so this would be perfect for those varieties.  The holes in the colander will prevent the soil from being water logged.  They look gorgeous with some salad greens planted in them!  If your colander has handles, you could even hang them.

And, if you need to draw a perfect circle … I ask you, what is better than a colander?  They come in all sizes and shapes; perfect for outlining your next craft or art project!

Some of our food staples (like potatoes, onions, etc.) need air circulating around them.  If you just put them in something that can’t breathe from the underside, well … in a few days you will be greeted by an unpleasant smell and degrading spuds.  A colander is perfect; the holes provide much needed ventilation.

And, in those times when you just need a big sifter … what could be better than a colander?  It is perfect for sand!!  Do you have a sand box for kids, or what about at the beach?  Bring that colander with you; it will prove to be a great and fun companion!  Kids love using them in this environment.

And, finally … the next time you are entertaining and you don’t want your guests to have watery icecubes, bring out your beloved colander.  Why?  Because if you put your colander INSIDE a bigger bowl container, the bowl will catch the water as it melts, and the only thing inside the colander will be nice frozen pieces of ice!!

That’s it for now, my friends … we’ll talk again soon.  Take care.

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