Our geraniums are in full bloom, and bursting with color.A tablescape that celebrates Life, Liberty and Freedom.Come one, come all ... it's time to play in the great outdoors!So refreshing ... homemade Lemonade on a hot summer's day.Life is good, and everything is coming up roses!

Decorating with Fall Colors

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Fall Decorating - Toss a throw on the sofa

The fall and harvest season is now upon us, and growing up in Virginia allowed me to experience this bountiful time in all it's glory!  When I moved to Florida many autumns ago, it only took me one year to realize that all seasons are not created equal.  I was determined to still have my "Fall Season"… Read More

Fostoria American Footed Tumbler – 5 oz.

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Fostoria American 5-oz. Footed Tumbler

This is the 5 oz. Footed Tumbler, found in the Fostoria American pattern.  Many people classify this as an American pattern Goblet; however, that is actually incorrect.  Fostoria made both Goblets and Tumblers, in addition to a wide variety of other stemware.  While this Tumbler's overall design is very similar to a Goblet, the difference can… Read More

Nena, our Rhodesian Ridgeback

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Nena - Rhodesian Ridgeback

May 9th, 2014 - it was a glorious day, indeed.  For this was the day that we adopted our Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Let me clarify that statement a bit more - we adopted a Rhodesian Ridgeback ... that was "ridgeless".  An oxymoron from birth, Nena continues to live up to those contradictory terms.  Bearing the title as our Beloved… Read More

Hello Dolly Bars

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Hello Dolly Bars - with butterscotch morsels

My husband had never heard of "Hello Dolly Bars", and so I found myself making them to satisfy his curiosity.  Needless to say, he ate most of the entire batch within a week.  He particularly liked them with coffee, which surprised me.  They were so easy to make, and are an excellent choice for a pot… Read More

Riding into Fall Tablescape

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Fall or Autumn Table Setting

Our seasons will soon be changing; therefore, I thought I would share with you my most recent Fall Tablescape.  I will be hosting an Autumn Brunch for gents in the near future; therefore, nothing could be too fancy.  These are big and brawny men; hence, I made sure I left plenty of room between the place settings. The first… Read More

Keeping your Cool in the Florida Heat

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Keeping your Cool in the Florida Heat

August is one of the hottest months of the year.   Everyone is feeling the heat, and my a/c is working overtime to keep up.  My last electric bill was staggering!  What was my recent mission?  To find alternate ways of cooling off during the dog days of summer. I have a few recommendations I would like… Read More