This is a wonderful time of year to visit our famous Lowry Park Zoo.Nena - our beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback. Even as a pup, she was pure muscle.Beautiful Fostoria Crystal - in the American pattern.Get yourself organized with a DIY ball cap storage system.

Valentine’s Day Table for Two

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Valentine's Day Table for Two

Some of my favorite dishes are those with pink, peach and rose hues.  With Valentine's Day just a couple weeks away, I thought I would bring out some of my appropriately colored dishes and set up a sweet Valentine's Day Table for me and my hubby, Hector. It will be ... ♪ ♫ ♪ just the two… Read More

Raspberry Valentine Heart

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Raspberry Valentine Heart

To wake up on Valentine's Day and be greeted by a heartfelt message is one of the loveliest ways to start a day.  A sweet gesture it is, indeed, and it does not need to be complicated or expensive. If you want your loved one to be greeted with something healthy on Valentine's Day, as opposed to something full… Read More

DIY Bubble Bath

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DIY Bubble Bath - looks like a pot of gold good enough for Cleopatra.

Since tomorrow is National Bubble Bath Day, I could hear my tub getting restless.  "When was the last time you had a good, long soak?" it moaned.  The tub had a point.  It had been a while.  I decided to make my own bubble bath for this long-overdue pleasure.  Producing your own bubble bath is… Read More

Fostoria American 3-toed 3-corner centerpiece

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Fostoria American 3-toed 3-corner centerpiece

This is one of Fostoria’s 3-toed pieces – the 3-toed 3-corner centerpiece in the American line.  It is approximately 6 inches across. Setting a table with vintage Fostoria American crystal is quite beautiful.  For some tablescape ideas, please see this post - Thanksgiving Tablescape with Fostoria Crystal. Widgets… Read More

Storing Holiday Lights

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Storing holiday lights

Christmas Day has come and gone.  Now it's time to start packing!  I'm referring to all those Christmas decorations and holiday lights.  I try to become more organized at this task every year - and at the very least - I think I have finally mastered how to store the holiday lights.  It is so… Read More

Grocery List – Free Printable Template

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Grocery List - Free Printable Template - via Tampa Homebody

Think that your Grocery List has to be boring, and tedious?  Think again!  At the bottom of every "section" noted in the list, there is a blank line for any item that is not noted for that particular category.  I have included the major food items; however, everyone's taste is different - and that is why… Read More