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How to Clean Skechers Go Walk Shoes

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How to Clean Skechers Go Walk Shoes

I have been a fan of the Skechers Go Walk Shoes for many years now.  If you want to know more about them, please refer to an earlier post - Skechers Go Walk Shoes Review. I now own several pairs, and use them constantly.  However, after you have walked a few miles in any shoe - they eventually… Read More

In Season: Sweet Cherries

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In Season | Sweet Cherries | Enjoy them now, for the selling season does not last long!

I'm always excited when that special time of year rolls around - when cherries are ripe for the picking, and waiting for us at the local farmers market.  Since we can't pick cherries here in Florida, I have to buy this super fruit at a local store.  As I was grocery shopping yesterday, the produce section was ablaze with… Read More

Pioneer Woman Kitchen Linens

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Pioneer Woman Kitchen Linens | Vintage Blooms Set | Love this colorful retro set of dish towels!

Every now and again I will do a review of a product that I have used, with great results. The Pioneer Woman's Kitchen Linens - specifically the Vintage Bloom Kitchen Towel Set - is one such product.  I was actually shopping for something else when these vibrant and retro-towels caught my attention. It was their vintage… Read More

Popsicle Drip Catcher

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Popsicle Drip Catcher | No more sticky hands for party-goers of all ages. Everyone loved using these ♥

Before serving that Popsicle - slip its stick through a colorful cupcake liner to catch drips and keep hands from getting sticky.  It works great; just cut a small hole in the cupcake liner before slipping onto the stick. You could also use different themed cupcake liners for others holidays. I use these cupcake liners for patriotic holidays, such… Read More

July 4th Ice Cubes

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July 4th Ice Cubes | Bringing out the juicy flavor of the Red, White and Blue!

I must confess that I have never made patriotic ice cubes before ... until today.  Oh, my goodness!  This little experiment was so much fun.  I will be making these frozen little orbs for every patriotic holiday from now on! I did not use any food coloring for these ice cubes.  Instead, they are made up of actual fruit beverages… Read More

Berries with Yogurt Sauce

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Recipe | Berries with Yogurt Sauce | Served in a beautiful Fostoria American Sundae dish.

During the summertime, I must have berries. There is absolutely no exception to this steadfast rule!  Even if I can't eat all the fruit at once, I make sure to freeze any excess - and always while the fruit is still at its peak of freshness.  The season is bursting with berries of all sorts ... from… Read More

How to Clean Narrow Neck Salt Shakers

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How to Clean Tips | How to Clean Narrow Neck Salt Shakers

We've all been there.  After many uses we find that our salt and pepper shakers are starting to look cloudy and dull-looking. They need a good cleaning.  No problem ... until you realize that the shaker neck openings are extremely small.  "How in the world am I going to get anything in there?" you ask. While one… Read More

How to Wash Grapes with Corn Starch

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Tips | Fruit | How to Wash Grapes with Corn Starch

You go to the store and pick out the freshest grapes one can find.  You take them home and put them in the refrigerator.  Soon thereafter, you decide to eat a few.  As you take the grapes out of the bag, you notice a white, waxy residue all over them. Unappetizing and dirty looking, you decide to wash them… Read More

How to Reuse Spice Jars

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How to Reuse Spice Jars | They can be used for a variety of purposes; however, one of my most favorite is as a tiny bud vase.

We do a lot of cooking in this household, and with that comes the usage of a variety of spices and herbs.  When those spices have been depleted, and all that we are left with is an empty bottle ... we don't despair.  Empty spice jars make wonderful little vases! When I use them for displaying… Read More