Sugared Cranberries are sweet, tangy and ... beautiful.Sharing the joys of the season with loved ones ...Decking the halls to make them Merry & Bright ...Flea market finds add an extra special touch ...Remembering the sweet memories of my childhood ...

Homemade Comfort & Joy

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Yellow Roses at Christmas

My niece and I recently spent the day together creating some homemade comfort & joy.  It was a glorious day.  The sun was shining brightly and the weather was perfect.  Everything was off to a good beginning.  It soon became even better when my niece, LeShan, arrived at our home bearing an armful of the most beautiful yellow roses.  She greets me… Read More

Holiday Ribbon Candy

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Ribbon Candy

Just the mere glance of Ribbon Candy brings back sweet memories from a long time ago.  Does anyone remember when this nostalgic type of candy graced our holiday homes generations ago?  I sure do.  It was in our home growing up, and also at the homes of family and friends. This year, I decided to… Read More

The Smell of Christmas

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The Smell of Christmas - simmer up a batch. It will last for days!

The Smell of Christmas - it is such a wonderful and distinctive aroma.  When your senses catch a whiff ... you instantly think of the holidays.  If you don't use a live tree during the holidays, there is another way to fill your home with this joyful scent.  Simmer up a potful with just a few ingredients!  It will keep in… Read More

Christmas Tablescape

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Christmas Hutch and Tablescape - using the colors of red, pink, peach and green.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the "pull-knobs" with care, (alas - no chimney here in FL) Well ... I think you might know how the rest of this wondrous Tale goes.  I must say that I am starting to get into the… Read More

Food Gifts – Toffee-Peanut Cookie Mix

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Food GIfts - Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Food Gifts - I love to make them during the holidays.  One of my favorite container packages is the infamous Mason Jar.  They are such a classic.  Glass makes everything sparkle, and when you add colorful food items in the mix - it makes for a bright and cheerful gift. This year I made up some… Read More

Brining a Turkey

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A Golden Brined Turkey - cooked to perfection.

If you have never brined a turkey before, you owe it to yourself to try it at least once.  The entire process produces a juicy and golden bird, infused with wonderful flavors.  After you have tasted one, you will not regret the long marinating time.  I think you will find (like me) that it is… Read More

Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

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Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

I love this recipe for a variety of reasons.  It is deliciously easy to make and is the perfect cookie for Fall baking and Thanksgiving.  Filled with cranberries and oatmeal, it is a chewy cookie with just the right amount of sweetness on top.  If you bake up a batch, be prepared for a lot… Read More