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A Rhodesian Ridgeback’s First Halloween

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

Our little Monster (a Rhodesian Ridgeback) has been celebrating Halloween for the past few days - and has been having a frightful good time in the process.  Below is a three-minute video of all her magical moments.  In the many books we read about Rhodesian Ridgebacks, there was a consensus that the black-masked pups were pranksters - at… Read More

Halloween Pudding Cups

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Halloween Pudding Cups

Are you looking for a frightfully festive and fun Halloween Pudding Cups recipe?  Well, you have found it here!  The Ghost hides the flavorful contents behind their white veil - leaving your guests wondering ... "Is it a Trick or a Treat?"  A Treat it is; for inside they will find delicious JELL-O pudding (any flavor… Read More

Halloween Candy Buy Back Program

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Halloween Candy Buy Back Program

Remember, after all the Halloween festivities there will be lots of candy floating around your household. Instead of having your children fill their mouths with candy (and cavities), there are a few other options. Look for a dentist in your area that is offering a Candy Buy-Back Program. Basically, they will purchase unopened bags of candy… Read More

Tampa Bay Pumpkin Patches

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Tampa Bay Pumpkin Patches

Visiting a pumpkin patch is so much more than just admiring the beauty of the crop; it's about the experience of sharing precious moments with family and friends. We didn't always live in this fast-paced world, and there's something quite rejuvenating about visiting a farm. Our souls instinctively know when we have gone back to our… Read More

Fall Decorating – Bringing it Indoors

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Fall Decorating - a harvest basket brings the beauty of Fall into your home.

Bringing in the elements of the wondrous outdoors is a decorating technique that I often use in my own home.  By doing so, I can truly enjoy all the simple virtues of the Fall season. I find the sight of falling leaves extremely calming, the robust autumn hues invigorating, and the scents of harvest bounty tempting.  When the cool mist of… Read More

Fostoria American Footed Tumbler – 5 oz.

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Fostoria American 5-oz. Footed Tumbler

This is the 5 oz. Footed Tumbler, found in the Fostoria American pattern.  Many people classify this as an American pattern Goblet; however, that is actually incorrect.  Fostoria made both Goblets and Tumblers, in addition to a wide variety of other stemware.  While this Tumbler's overall design is very similar to a Goblet, the difference can… Read More

Nena, our Rhodesian Ridgeback

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Nena - Rhodesian Ridgeback

May 9th, 2014 - it was a glorious day, indeed.  For this was the day that we adopted our Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Let me clarify that statement a bit more - we adopted a Rhodesian Ridgeback ... that was "ridgeless".  An oxymoron from birth, Nena continues to live up to those contradictory terms.  Bearing the title as our Beloved… Read More